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6 Figure Foundations: 3 Pillars To A
Thriving Therapy Practice

"Transform Your Therapy Practice: Revolutionary LIVE Training Uncovers The 3 Pillars To Success...."

And They're Not What You Think They Are!

DATE:  19th February, 2024

TIME: 6.30 - 8pm GMT | 1.30 - 3pm EST | 10.30 - 12pm PST

"Charlotte you give so much. I've never regretted taking your course. Not one minute, not 1 second. I know that you want us to succeed and that you're there for us. Thank you!"

Dive beyond the surface! Not your run-of-the-mill 6 figure training!

Join us for this live, 90 minute training on the 6 Figure Foundations. Designed For All Coaches Who Are Committed To Creating A 6 Figure Therapy Practice & Delivering Long Term Natural Change For Their Clients


Unmask Your Invisible Success Blockers: Dive deep to discover and shatter the hidden barriers holding your practice back!
The 80/20 Revelation: Uncover why 80% of your success stems from elements beyond just your business skills!
Transforming Client Results: Learn the game-changing impact of shifting from short-term fixes to long-term client transformations!
The Ultimate Perspective Shift: Identify and focus on key elements that will make the biggest impact on you, your practice & your clients
Social Media, The Smart Supporter: Master the art of using social media as a powerful ally, not the driver, of your thriving practice!
Harmonize Goals and Actions: Seamlessly align your daily actions with your grand visions, turning aspirations into realities!
Cultivating Client Commitment: Unlock the secrets to building long-lasting client relationships for a sustainable and successful practice!

Are you constantly searching for the key to elevate your therapy practice to new heights? Do you feel like there's a missing piece in your journey to a six-figure business? Are doubts creeping in about your strategy and approach to growth? Do you find yourself stuck in the traditional business models that don’t seem to yield the results you crave? Are you longing for a method that resonates more deeply with your values and vision?

If your answer is a resounding YES, then you're ready for "6 Figure Foundations: 3 Pillars To A Thriving Therapy Practice" training!

Join us for this FREE 90 Minute Live Event, where you'll embark on a journey to revolutionize your practice. This is more than just business strategies; it's about addressing the real reasons your practice isn't thriving & making a BIGGER impact in your practice, more quickly and more sustainably!

Whether you're grappling with stagnant growth, client retention, or ineffective marketing, our training is designed to tackle these challenges head-on. We focus on empowering you to build a practice that’s not only financially successful but also deeply fulfilling. This is about creating a therapy business that reflects your unique vision and values.

We believe in building a business foundation that goes beyond conventional methods – this is about the 3 Pillars Of Success that go beyond traditional methods of growth,  that resonate with the core of your practice. If you're passionate about taking your therapy business to the next level, our method is precisely what you've been looking for.

Click the button below to register now and join us on this transformative journey. Discover the secret pillars of a 6-figure therapy business, unlock your fullest potential, and master the art of creating a thriving, impactful practice. Get ready to embrace the 6 Figure Foundations: 3 Pillars To A Thriving Therapy Practice.

Plus, Get Access To These BONUSES When You Commit To The LIVE Training...


Get INSTANT ACCESS to this full day workshop held by COO of The Ultimate Hypno Coach, Donna Joy Usher, to let go of your limitations, embrace your full potential and become the conscious creator of your life.

Donna is one of the few fully certified Magnetic Mind coaches in the world who can take you through the powerful processes contained within this workshop.


This powerful script is a crucial tool for any therapist or coach aiming to enroll clients who are fully committed to their journey of healing and growth. Say goodbye to indecision and hesitancy in your consultations! With this script, you'll master the art of asking deep, insightful questions that not only help potential clients understand the vital importance of therapy but also clarify the profound impact it can have on their lives.


This module demystifies the often-overwhelming world of organic social media strategies, providing you with a straightforward, step-by-step guide. 

Forget the complexity and confusion commonly associated with social media marketing! With this approach, you'll learn how to effortlessly transform your social media presence into a client attraction powerhouse.


Charlotte is not only a seasoned psychologist, analytical hypnotherapist, and psychotherapist with over 20 years of enriching experience, but she's also a trailblazer in the realm of high-earning therapy practices. As the CEO and Founder of The Ultimate Hypno Coach and Ultimate Effective Therapies, Charlotte has distinguished herself with her unique approach that harmoniously intertwines the mind, emotions, and body through analytical hypnotherapy.

Her expertise extends beyond therapy; Charlotte is a beacon for therapists and coaches aspiring to elevate their practices to the 6-figure mark. With a deep understanding of the dynamics of a financially successful practice, she imparts wisdom on how to affect deep, profound, and permanent change in clients, a cornerstone of thriving in this field.

Her purpose is to create a realm for all mankind to discover who they are and their purpose. She does this by helping people remove their limiting self beliefs, find their purpose and their passion, and giving them the tools and knowledge to create freedom in their lives.

By focusing on eradicating limiting self-beliefs and unlocking potential, Charlotte guides her students not just in personal growth but also in the mastery of building and sustaining a 6-figure therapy practice. Her dedication to this dual path of personal and professional excellence makes her an invaluable mentor for those ready to reach new heights in the therapy world.

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DATE: 2nd February, 2024

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