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Get Certified To Use THIS POWERFUL TOOL For Identifying And Dissolving The Unconscious Core Beliefs Keeping Your Clients Stuck And Struggling!

Facilitate faster, deeper and more permanent shifts and
transformations for your clients...

Any coach or therapist can learn to do this...even if you have no prior experience of working with the unconscious mind.

I want to tell you about a powerful tool which I use with clients to facilitate rapid, deep and permanent transformation.

You see, most coaching and therapy tools work cognitively with the conscious mind...

But the conscious mind is really just made up of thoughts swimming on the surface.

In truth, our minds go much, much deeper than mere thought; down beneath the unconscious mind to the programing of the belief system which dictates everything.

This belief system was formed before we reached the age of 7, by things we were told, things we observed, and things we experienced.

And it is this same belief system, formed by a child, that is now limiting your clients (and your own) actions!

Most people go through their entire lives, without even knowing it is there.

They suspect, like you, that there is something greater at play...

But they write their continual failures off as BAD LUCK, or NOT MEANT TO BE, or SOMEONE ELSE'S FAULT, when in reality it is their belief system that is blocking them.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way!!!


Beliefs Unlimited Advanced Certification

Get certified in Gold Counselling, a life-changing powerful tool for identifying your client's limiting self beliefs.
Facilitate rapid, deep, profound and permanent change when you map the unconscious mind to identify a core limiting belief and then use hypnotherapy to link the conscious and unconscious minds with the psychological, physiological, and emotional response. 




 Get certified for $497 Just $97 and start using the powerful tool with your clients and yourself. Access granted immediately. Get started in the next ten minutes.

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Gold Counselling Allows Us To Bypass The Conscious Mind, So We Can Reveal And Dissolve The Unconscious Limiting Beliefs That Are Keeping Us Trapped!

Have you been blaming your lack of success on external factors, while secretly suspecting there is more at play here?

Are you tired of taking action, and feeling like the universe is blocking you from having what it is that you want?

Or maybe you are sick of working with clients who just don't seem to be able to break through!

Well, guess what...That ain't the Universe blocking you!

That's your unconscious mind, playing out your limiting self beliefs that you aren't even aware of.

So, are you ready to learn a POWERFUL NEW TOOL that will unlock those unconscious beliefs and dissolve them?

Are you ready to get certified in a technique you can use not only on yourself, but also with your clients?

  Awesome. Then you are ready for The Beliefs Unlimited Advanced Certification!

Just $97 - Today Only!

Usually $497

Step 1
Discover Your Hidden Beliefs

Easy, step-by-step training that teaches you to link and map the unconscious mind and locate the self beliefs keeping you stuck and struggling.

Prepare to be astounded at exactly what is lying deep within your unconscious mind!

Then get ready to have Your Ultimate Breakthrough.

Step 2
Create Your Ultimate Breakthrough

Learn to use a specially designed hypnotherapy script that will allow you to tap into the source of these beliefs and banish them forever.

Start taking the action you need to have the life that you want without those unconscious beliefs keeping you trapped, and facilitate this with your clients.

And if getting the BELIEFS UNLIMITED ADVANCED CERTIFICATION for ONLY $97 was not enough...

I have a crazy, amazing BONUS for you as well.

The Conscious Creator's Foundation Module

Have you ever felt like your life is a pendulum? You go for it full out, heading towards what it is that you want.

Sometimes you even get it, for a while. But then you find yourself swinging back in the other direction, almost like you have no control over it, until you are back where you began.

Anyone who has spent their life yo-yo dieting knows this feeling all too well!

Of course, the reason for failure is not always as obvious as it is with a diet.

Sometimes it's that you decided what you were going for, wasn't what you want anymore.

Or that it wasn't going to work anyway (even though, in retrospect you can see that you were actually starting to have some success.)

Or that is wasn't worth it (even though it would have been amazing.)

Or...(add any other very rational reason you have ever come up with for stopping taking action on your dreams, HERE.)

Does any of this sound familiar to you?


So much time, energy, and money spent just to be back at the beginning trying to work it all out again.

Now all of this may have made you think that the results you have in life are because of the fate, or the stars, or Karma, or your destiny...but the truth is that it is none of these things.

Everything we have, and everything we are able to create, is purely because of THE STRUCTURE we are in.


Success does not care. Money does not care. We are the ones that attach emotion to them.

We are the ones that decide we could never create it, or that we aren't allowed to have it, or whatever other reason we have come up with for why we haven't achieved what we want.

The truth is, that the only reason you have not achieved what you want, is because you haven't taken the actions that you needed to, to have it. And the reasons you haven't done that, is because of the structure that you are in.

There is no difference between you and someone who has 'done it' except for the actions you have taken.

Now for the good news...


Once you understand about structure, and about how it is the RESISTANCE THAT YOU ARE CREATING TO HAVING WHAT YOU WANT THAT IS STOPPING YOU, then YOU can do something about it.

Which is exactly what we are going to show you in The Conscious Creators Foundations Module.

And BEST THING EVER...you are going to get this FOR FREE when you join the Beliefs Unlimited Advanced Certification.

The truth is that WE ARE THE MAGIC! (This is not just 'woo woo' stuff. This is proven science.)

 1. CHOOSE Your True Choices - Dream bigger than you ever have dared to before and get clarity on what you really want

2. CREATE The Correct Structure - Understand why you have been stuck in an oscillation pattern and how you can finally break free

3. REMOVE Your Resistance - Go through a powerful Super Conscious Recode Process to remove your unconscious resistance to having what you want

4. ACTION - Forge a path so you can take the action you need to have what you want

It's time to stop struggling to create what you want and to start flowing towards it.

It's time to start living the life you want right now.

It's time to that you realised everything you want is possible once you remove your resistance to having it.

SO fill out the form below to lock in the special discounted price for The Beliefs Unlimited Advanced Certification and secure The Conscious Creator Foundations Module, and get ready for a life-changing experience.


Just $97 - Today Only!

Usually $497

Get certified in Gold Counselling, a life-changing powerful tool for identifying your client's limiting self beliefs.
Facilitate rapid, deep, profound and permanent changes for your clients.

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