Soul Retrieval Retreat

Two Ceremonies Under The Stars, To Heal Deep Trauma And To Retrieve The Parts Of Your Soul That Were Lost A Long Time Ago...

Friday - Sunday,
7-10th October 2022
Tenerife, Spain

Many people live their lives, feeling incomplete but not knowing why. They are unable to touch joy, they lack aliveness, and they have no passion or expression.

They do not realise that this discontent, this inability to embrace their purpose and their potential, is the result of trauma-created soul loss.

And yet, somewhere deep inside them is an echo of what is possible...

A memory of what it feels like to be whole and alive; to be able to experience joy; to not be always chasing the next thing, and to be able to live in their centre, grounded, healthy, happy and vital.

If you find yourself always searching for the cause of your disconnect and your discontent, come join us for this special retreat, designed to facilitate you as you go on an incredible journey of healing to discover and recover the parts of your souls that were lost a long time ago.

A Tale Of Two Journeys...


The first night of the retreat, we harness the power of the universe as we journey under the stars. This will be a powerful ceremony during which you will be supported and held in a compassionate and safe environment.

If you choose, you will travel to deep places, in this and past lives, so that you can face, express and release your trauma, removing the triggers that create your destructive habits, and starting the process of true healing.

Clearing this trauma will create the space that will allow your lost soul pieces to be retrieved.

The Journey Continues...


The second night of the retreat, we return to ceremony to find all the dimensions in which the soul has been lost, and to bring the missing pieces home. 

This is a powerful process during which you will discover missing soul pieces from this life, as well as ones never experienced in this lifetime at all.

As soul comes back in, so does the expression and different qualities that have been diminished or even lacking. As it reintegrates, these qualities start to be expressed and our true essence shines from within.

You will be able to feel emotions that you intuitively knew existed, yet were never able to touch before...

You will be able to rest within the centre of yourself, rather than always be searching...

And you will be able to discover a new level of purpose fulfilment and aliveness in your life. 

Meet Your Facilitators...

Keith Hodge

Hi, I'm Keith, Founder and CEO of Intuity International. My passion is in enabling people to break through everything that is in the way of their full self expression. To support them in embodying their power and bringing their gifts to the world.

I am the healer’s healer. Many of my clients have already worked on themselves for many years, are walking their path as a healer and looking to expand themselves and their skills to the next level.

I specialise in root healing work, supporting people in healing the deepest layers that are in the way of both creating a life that they love and in bringing through their own gifts to the world. My work includes inner child, emotions, past lifetimes, ancestral healing, psychic surgery. A powerful team of guides support me with the healing. I have facilitated practitioner training and retreats in countries around the world such as Bali, Los Angeles, Eastern Europe, Ibiza and the UK.

Charlotte Chalkley

Hi, I'm Charlotte, Founder and CEO of Empire Charlotte and The Ultimate Hypno Coach. I'm an Analytical Hypnotherapist, a Psychotherapist and Spiritual Healing Practitioner and my passion is helping people to break free from the self-limiting mindset and repetitive negative actions that keeps them from embracing their true self.

For years I've helped people to face, embrace and release the trauma of their past so that they can create a bright and beautiful future. My goal within Empire Charlotte is to create a realm for all mankind to discover who they are and their purpose.

I do this by facilitating healing, training others the art of analytical hypnotherapy, and by providing them with life-changing skills that give them a way to create an income.

Who Is The Soul Retrieval Retreat For...

Calling the Seekers, the Spiritually Aware, the Empaths, the Energy Workers, the Light Workers, and all the Healers...

Calling all those who are Awakening and Consciously Evolving, and who know they are on The Journey...

Calling those people who are frustrated by knowing there is something lacking or missing but can not say what it is...

Calling those who feel there is a barrier blocking them from being able to touch joy...

Calling those who want to develop consciousness quickly and are ready to start that journey now...

And calling those who want to be a part of an amazing, supportive, like-minded community that makes their soul sing.

It is time to awaken, it is time to let go, it is time to become whole again.

It is time to let your soul sing, for your passion be set on fire, and for peace and joy to be the very essence through which you live your life. 

We are here waiting for you, ready to support you as you step forth into the amazing mystery that is you, because it is time for you to finally come home.

The SOUL RETRIEVAL RETREAT is a Live Event, which will be held in Tenerife, Spain.
NEXT DATES: 7th-10th October 2022

Come join us for this powerful healing journey. Ceremony will be held the Friday and Saturday night, with Integration on Saturday morning and Sunday.
Basic shared accommodation and food will be provided.

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